Above is a photo portfolio of my past work. I have worked in Social Media Marketing, WordPress, Graphic Design and Pure HTML Code.

Mr Roberts Gentleman’s Hairdresser

I spent a few months helping boost the Facebook views and setting up and running an Instagram account. I also redesigned the online visuals such as logos for this business. I am no longer working on this project, it is now being run by the owner of the business.

Search for @MrRobertsMtGrvt on Facebook & Instagram.


I have spent a few months and am still working on designing a WordPress site to replace the current Piefection site. The new site will assist with mobile viewing and more able to be edited by the business owner. I recreated the logo of this business to allow for a more HD image for newer social media posts.

Go to http://PiefectionSite.Wordpress.com to see this project.

Tan’s Taekwondo

After learning Taekwondo for 6+ years and achieving 2nd Dan Black Belt, I decided to make a more up to date, mobile friendly version of the current Tan’s Taekwondo Site. The original can be seen here.

Go to https://TansTaekwondoSite.Wordpress.com/ to see this project.