I like to keep things on a more personal basis, not a corporate one. I dislike the idea of me getting paid to make a shell for you to blog on or to post content on. I would rather be involved in the making of your project and know what its all about.


I’m 100% transparent about fees and charges BEFORE you are invoiced, there is NO SMALL PRINT. If something costs something, you WILL know BEFORE I start. Please contact me here to organise a free consultation.

Your private stuff

Ive got a 100% customer confidentiality guarantee because keeping your private stuff private is the most important part of any project right? If its broken by me on purpose or by mistake, I’ll finish the project free of charge and refund any previous fees you’ve paid. On top of that, I will pay for all damages (online or physically).


You can see my past work here and you can contact me here.